Date: June 2012

Music by: Sound Roll

JBK Productions offers dynamic commercial, corporate, travel, food and cinematic productions. Each piece demonstrates my ability to convey the project’s message with my own unique style. I strive to make my clients’ vision a reality and help them connect with their target market.

I have a passion for local Americana music. This passion is represented by the first two pieces I DP’ed and edited; American Roots and Blood and Gina Dalmas.  In addition to music, another passion of mine is travel video, and I was fortunate enough document the University of Houston’s Concert Chorale as they competed in Tours, France.

Since I moved to Hampton Roads, I have been working with local businesses, such as USA Elite Trainers, to produce documentary-style commercials. While these commercials don’t afford much pre-production time, I have found that this limitation has improved my ability to connect with my clients to convey the core mission of their business.

While JBK Productions has no affiliation with NASA or it’s partners, these pieces highlight projects that I worked on while at NASA’s Mission Video. The first piece, JENOM Test, offered me a great opportunity to shoot at the restricted Neutral Buoyancy Lab. The following piece, Wireless Lunar Habitat Systems, was a seek peek into Constellation’s Lunar Habitat and it’s wireless operating systems. The last project I worked on at NASA was for the retirement of the Shuttle. To help train future Mission Control operators, I shot assent/entry simulations and edited them with interviews from former flight controllers and historic Shuttle footage for the Shuttle Knowledge Capture Series.

Last but not least, to highlight my passion for food and broadcast, the video ends with footage from Great Day Houston! where I worked as a camera operator.

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