Date: June – September 2015

Position: Main Unit 1st AC & Splinter Unit DP

Genre: Training Video/Commercial

The Performance Triad was one of the largest and perhaps best video productions I have been on so far. With a staggering 48 videos and an output deadline of two months, it was an intimidating and exciting project to plan and execute. Under the incredible direction of writer/director Robert Stephens (U.S. Army Enterprise Multimedia Center) and producer Felicia Dames (Dames Media), we traveled all around eastern Virginia and southern Georgia to produce different vignettes of soldiers and civilians following the new U.S. Surgeon General’s health guidelines by eating healthy, staying active and getting adequate sleep.

My favorite of these vignettes was for the soldier training modules, in which, we acquired a warehouse, a Humvee, a 50′ American flag and even a Blackhawk helicopter to make our own CrossFit gym. It was an amazing week where we used a hazer to get atmosphere and had two units shooting multiple angles including one operating on a 30′ crane with 80′ of track!

Below are two of my favorite modules from the series representing the difference between soldier and civilian modules. To check out the entire series, go to the Performance Triad’s soldier or civilian YouTube page.