Date: March 2013

Position: Writer & Photographer

Genre: Publication

This was one of my first major publications in a regional magazine, and they accepted three articles and one as a cover piece! It was an incredible opportunity to meet and interview artists, chefs and cultural historians about their passion. For the first article, I covered the Hampton Reggaefest at the Hampton Coliseum. This was an interesting learning experience working with their PR department and gaining access to artists for photography and stories. It worked out well, and I was able to snap some great shots!

The next article highlighted Romonta, a regional musical artist who, as an entrepreneur, has worked with other artists to build a brand and a business raising up local talent. I actually set this article up as a video highlight, but was also requested to create a written piece on a short deadline. I am happy to say I accomplished the task. 🙂 Here is a link to the video interview with Romonta: Simply Elevate’s Interview with Romonta

The final piece was my favorite (since it involved food). I traveled around the region talking with cultural historians and chef to get a sense of what it means to be and celebrate Irish in Virginia. This article took much research, but I was able to finish the article on deadline.