DJI Osmo

Courtesy of DJI

Bringing Steady Shots To Home Movies

Recently, I highlighted DJI in an article about their new Inspire 1 lineup, and, when a company keeps upping the game in affordable video stabilizers, I am impressed. As a videographer, I love it when companies release new tools for me to get more inventive shots, and with the new DJI Osmo, I believe that any creative filmmaker can get a nice, steady shot for their production.



Re-imagining The Wheel

The idea of a small camera on a handheld 3-axis gimbal is not new. In fact, Feiyu came out with one well over a year ago. But what DJI has done is added their own camera, Zenmuse x3, and allowed for users to pan and tilt independently. This allows the operator to have greater control over the camera and create a more refined shot.



Now, I’m not going to lie. After looking at the Omso’s video samples, I feel that the X3 camera doesn’t really produce that great of an image. Much like a cell phone, it does a good job, but not as great as they tout. The compression creates noticeable macro-blocking, especially with movement. With DJI’s X5R, you could have a professional level product, but straight out of the box, it is more for the amateur filmmaker.


Three DJI Zenmuse cameras

Zenmuse X3, X5 and X5R camera lineup | Courtesy of DJI


An Exciting Addition

Overall, with its ability to take panoramic and time-lapse shots along with its fully integrated controls, I think that the Osmo is a nice piece of equipment right out of the box. In addition, DJI has announced a lineup of supports and mounts to expand its capabilities. I am excited that DJI has thought this one through and released a solid product.


DJI Osmo