On Oct. 11, 2015, NASA made history by being the first public entity to broadcast 4k video from the International Space Station!


This is huge! When government entities adopt broadcast technology’s, typically that means that new standards will follow and there is soon be industry wide adoption.


The Wild West of Video

4k video has been the Wild West of video for years with no set standards or distribution i.e. multiple formats like UHD and Sony True 4k.  Also, with manufacturers like RED and Blackmagic pushing resolutions beyond 4k, most production houses, news agencies and private organization have been hesitant to adopt 4k in fear that it will quickly be obsolete. However, the 4k market has received a bit of a boost with Youtube offering 4k streaming video and most camera manufacturers offering affordable options.


Now, with NASA offering 4k streaming, I believe that viewer can expect to see a wave of new 4k content coming to their screen.