Sony RX1R II

Sony RX1R II

It is not often that a camera maker releases a new camera that surprises everyone, however, last week when Sony announced their new RX1R II, they stunned us all. Sony has always been on the cutting edge of technology, and they show it off with this update of the RX1. Though it has a fixed lens, it is far from your average “point and shoot” type of camera. Boasting the same 42.4MP full frame sensor as the a7R II, photographers will be able to crop photos without losing detail, and with the panoramic mode, they can still take breath-taking, wide angle landscapes.

RX1RII sample - Geisha

RX1RII sample - forest


Professional Quality In A Smaller Body

We have all seen cameras boasting more and more megapixels over the years, but without increasing sensor size, it really created larger files with the same amount of detail. With the same full-frame sensor as the Sony a7R II, the RX1R II gets the increased resolution with all the detail.

RX1RII sample - candies


Speaking of detail…


Control Over Sharpness

In the past, camera makers have offered their popular camera models with a option to have the anti-aliasing (AA) filter removed i.e the Nikon D800 & 800E. The reason is removing the AA filter allows for the sharpest image possible. However, this does introduce unsightly moire especially on objects with very fine detail such as clothing.

Sony RX1RII Variable AntiAliasing Filter


Utilizing a liquid crystal coating vs. a fixed screen, Sony has created a Variable Anti-Aliasing filter, by providing an electrical charge to the coating to activate the filter on demand.  While Pentax had a similar feature on their K-3, this is the world’s first variable anti-aliasing filter allowing user to select whether they want maximum sharpness, no moire or a balance between the two.

RX1RII variable antialiasing filter


Get Your VF And Use It To

Compact cameras have always had a difficulty with viewfinders. They were either completely useless or made the camera more bulky such as the Nikon V1. On the flipside, not having a viewfinder made it difficult to compose an image off the LCD in bright sun and also forced you to hold the camera away from your body where it was unstable. The new Sony RX1R II addresses this issue with a retractable XGA OLED Tru-Finder.

Sony RX1R II viewfinder


Constantly Innovating

In the end, the RX1R II is great example of why I like Sony. They continually innovate and push the limits of technology, and though they are on the higher price range, they deliver products that are meticulously thought out and brilliantly crafted. I believe that the Sony RX1X II will be a great camera for commercial and enthusiasts alike.